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stop intruders at the door.

Stingray is a home security robot that proactively protects user's homes. It monitors the surrounding environment 24/7 and repels intruders.

This is a 14 week personal project that focuses on robot design.

In case of home safety incidents, what’s the most important things you want to protect? 

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"The best security system for my home is my neighbors."

Sally, 50

Lives with her daughter in a duplex

"It’s not a rational fear, just something I can’t ‘fight’ against so to speak."

Ashley, 29

Married, has two children and a baby

"My top concern for home safety is life safety."


Employee of ADT Security Services

"A determined criminal will always get in."


Former security and patrol officer

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half of home intruders can find other access to break in.

where do burglars and robbers enter your home?




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1. Community gate is the first check point to an apartment complex or any residential area with security. Many communities rely on RFID cards but don’t have 24/7 security guards.

2. Multilevel apartment buildings often require residents to use RFID cards to access to different floors of the building. Although it strengthens the security, non-residents still can find loopholes to get into the building.

3. The door for each individual housing unit is the last security checkpoint in community living. On average burglars take less than a minute to break into a house and spends another 8-12 minutes in the house before leaving.

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basic security
stand-alone security device
integrated security system
community security network


How to make criminals fear?


How to safely counter-attack.


Is there a chance to capture the intruders?

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suspicious characters
visit time
monitor surroundings
trespassing individual
ask for identification
sends info
to user
alarms security
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Stingray Render Animation.38_1
Play Video
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