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Tactile stimulation and aromatherapy for physical and spiritual healing.


Multi-sensory rituals

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Mood makers

As we get more in touch with our moods and emotions, products and services should be designed around how they make us feel.

Sensory sensitivity

Allusive design became a key focus. It  will remain crucial and be enhanced by growing awareness of sensory sensitivity. Low-sensory needs will be key, while designs that draw on light, color and scent will bring to life.

Alternative medicine & aroma therapy

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Aroma therapy

Therapeutic treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote the health and well-being. It has been a booming market that is getting accepted by more audience around the world.


Use of incense

Humans have had the habit of burning incense for therapy and meditation for thousands of years. A incense holder or incense burner is an important ritual vessel for incense users. Can the heat of incense burning be used to improve body health in other ways?


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Hands-on health tech

Health technology brands are moving beyond tracking towards practical solutions that tackle symptoms. Vibration technology is being used as a way to ease pain, nausea and anxiety. Oska is a small device that can be placed on or attached to muscle groups. It releases a rhythmic vibration, which stimulates cellular regeneration to relieve pain and activate the body’s recovery process. The Reliefband vibrates to stimulate the median nerve, which controls nausea and alleviates morning sickness.

Minerals and health

Some people believe minerals have “healing” properties and other health benefits.

Heated stones have been used for massage and improving blood circulation.

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Green Jade

Jade is believed to have properties of both spiritual and physical properties, such as benefits to reproductive problems. It also balance and harmony for the heart chakra. Use of green jade, will assist in the pursuit of physical and emotional well-being.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis stone is recommended for people dealing with insomnia and depression. It’s known to give off a calming and soothing effect. People also believe it promotes peaceful sleep by simulating peaceful thoughts.

Target User

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Rachel, 28


A yoga practitioner and firm believer of alternative medicine.


She has been looking for ways to relieve her stress and depression.


Believes in the spiritual effect of natural materials.


She believes the health benefits of herbs, and she developed a habit of tea drinking and reading.

Blushing Health

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Promote awareness of women’s diseases such as breast cancer and cervical cancer.


Can alternative medicine and aroma therapy be used to improve women’s health and wellness.


Use this product for pain relief and bringing happiness and positivity to female users who are under the stress of diseases.

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Breezy Summer

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Inspired by the concept of mood ring, which uses thermochromatic pigment to reflect the body temperature and mood of the user.


Thermochromatic dye adds personalization to the product. Use colors to indicate the change of temperature.


Showing how essential oil is heated and diffused. Adding visual experience to the aroma therapy.

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Modern Translucency

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Bioplastics are becoming more innovative, as seen in Crafting Plastics Studio's Nuatan, made from food materials.


Marco Federico Cagnoni's Plastic Culture – a vertical farm concept that grows edible plants, which can also be used for bioplastic.


Microbial innovations are also thriving. These materials can be used for modern translucent aesthetic

Building & Materials

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