About Me

Hi there. I’m Andy, a simple, straight-forward type of guy who believes in personal integrity and good work ethics. My friends think I have a nerdy and quiet personality, but I’m actually a quite cheerful person. I’m adaptive to new environments and I enjoy collaboration with other people. I always try to be a good listener and observer, and I enjoy listening to other people's story.


I came to industrial design from a completely different background. Before that, I was studying geography until I realized that writing papers about the major rivers in Siberia is not the type of career I want to pursue. Being used to learning knowledge that already exists, design showed me a exciting new world that allows me to create. ​


I'm passionate about the way things work and how to visually communicate them. However, I'm open to accept different design tasks and challenges. For me, gaining new experience in the profession is as important as pursuing my interests.

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